Imagination means something that you think exists or is true, although in fact it is not real or true. Imagination makes impossible to possible.

There are so many boundation and we can say there are so many responsibilities which stop me to do what I really want to do in my real life. But our Imagination is limitless no one can stop our imagination. And I think Imagination makes a person ordinary to extraordinary or superior.

Let’s talk about how we can expand our imagination and our creativity. There are so many examples of limitless imagination like Harry Potter series, Pirates of Caribbean series. In this movies we can see limitless imagination or creativity of writers. Here are some ways to just do this.

1.Try new things –

We always try to learn new things. For that we try to start new hobbies. always try to watch some thing different and read something new which increase our creativity and imagination. To improve your life experiences try new things.

2. Meet new people

We always try to meet new peoples. In the same way, by opening ourselves to new people, we open our own minds to new understandings of the different cultures and life style. As we develop relationships with different people, we will find the quality of our imagination increased.

3. Decorate your home

Make changes in your home. Try to makes it’s look more beautiful. Decorate your home increase your imagination for make changes and think differently for any other topic.

I think imagination is present everywhere in the world or inside us. So keep it up limitless imagination and make your and whole world beautiful by your imagination.

“Limitations live only in our minds.

 But if we use our imaginations,

   our possibilities become limitless.”




In this blog we talk about Learning. As Mahatma Gandhi said –

     “Live as if you were to die

tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

If you want to live forever you must be continue learning. I want to learn about everything and I think like me every one wants to learn about everything. My sister said Life is given by God only one time why we don’t use our full mental power to learn every thing, we should use our full mental power to know about everything.

My Mother has also told “Learn whatever you want to learn from other’s life because Jindagi na milegi dobara.” I think we learn a lot from our own life as compare’s to others life. Because when we do any mistake in our life then life do teach us a lesson. So you can free to make thousands of mistake in your life but you should learn a lesson from your mistakes and avoid making of  the same mistakes again and again in your life.

Learning about new things is everytime helpfull for me. Just like when we read about same topics answer written by two different person. We learn about two different ways to deal with same situation.

As we know life is beautiful so “jio ji bharke.”

How we can list pdf file folder name without open and rename them.

When I was working on pdf and excel files. I need to compare all excel file mentioned customer name with pdf file folder’s customer name. Then I thought about how we can fetch pdf file folder name into excel sheet without open and rename them.

Then I found below simple steps for this process.

  1. Go to copy the path of the folder. For example, the path of this folder is:



  1. Open one of the web browsers as your choose (Firefox,Google Chrome etc.) and paste the folder path in the address bar and press Enter See screenshot:


3. Select all(Ctrl+A) contents in the web browser and copy (Ctrl +C) them.Open Excel sheet and paste (Ctrl+V) them in a worksheet.



This three steps are very easy.  I thought if anyone face the same issue my blog will be helpful for them.

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How we can increase our blog ranking

When I have posted my first post on after I think about my post visibility on Google search engine. Then I think about how I can increase my blog ranking on Google.

We have to understand what is SEO and how it optimize your content. Follow the following steps for increase your blog ranking :-

1. Title

     If you want to increase your blog ranking give a relevant title to your blog. And put a   quality content in your blog.

2. Optimize images and videos

    For increase your blog quality content put your blog related images and videos. Do video  posts with your webcam and make tutorials.

 3. Keep Updating

    Update your blog daily. Choose unique and fresh blog ideas.

 4. URL

      link your blogs related URL’s. Like which relate with your blog content.

5. Do Comments on other blogs

In Blogging Community you must be very socially active.You should put a comments on   other bloggers blogs.

For know more about why you should comment on other blogs?

You can refer the below article link –

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Use of rope

As we all know rope is group of yarns. But they are too good to use in home decors.  We can use rope to decorate pots in our house. It looks very  beautiful. You can see this in following picture (taken from pintrest).

pot 3

We can also use rope for give a light full look to our home. Set rope lights around a mirror in living room, in our home balkani and also in garden.

lighting rope
taken from pintrest

For further reading uses of rope and various type of rope  you can see

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