How we can increase our blog ranking

When I have posted my first post on after I think about my post visibility on Google search engine. Then I think about how I can increase my blog ranking on Google.

We have to understand what is SEO and how it optimize your content. Follow the following steps for increase your blog ranking :-

1. Title

     If you want to increase your blog ranking give a relevant title to your blog. And put a   quality content in your blog.

2. Optimize images and videos

    For increase your blog quality content put your blog related images and videos. Do video  posts with your webcam and make tutorials.

 3. Keep Updating

    Update your blog daily. Choose unique and fresh blog ideas.

 4. URL

      link your blogs related URL’s. Like which relate with your blog content.

5. Do Comments on other blogs

In Blogging Community you must be very socially active.You should put a comments on   other bloggers blogs.

For know more about why you should comment on other blogs?

You can refer the below article link –

Over to you

If you have more ideas about this topic please share with us.


7 thoughts on “How we can increase our blog ranking

  1. amazing tips you’ve mentioned, i’m sure that i’ll keep them on my mind.
    i think another tip could be to reply other’s comments on our posts delicately and with attention.
    nice blog and keep up the good work


    Liked by 2 people

  2. Good Idee i think u should add that time u need to soo Google robots starts it work but yeah SEO is 1st place every one should understand it:)


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