In this blog we talk about Learning. As Mahatma Gandhi said –

     “Live as if you were to die

tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

If you want to live forever you must be continue learning. I want to learn about everything and I think like me every one wants to learn about everything. My sister said Life is given by God only one time why we don’t use our full mental power to learn every thing, we should use our full mental power to know about everything.

My Mother has also told “Learn whatever you want to learn from other’s life because Jindagi na milegi dobara.” I think we learn a lot from our own life as compare’s to others life. Because when we do any mistake in our life then life do teach us a lesson. So you can free to make thousands of mistake in your life but you should learn a lesson from your mistakes and avoid making of  the same mistakes again and again in your life.

Learning about new things is everytime helpfull for me. Just like when we read about same topics answer written by two different person. We learn about two different ways to deal with same situation.

As we know life is beautiful so “jio ji bharke.”


2 thoughts on “Learning

  1. We should always learn something new for improvment in our life.that is the way of acheive our dreams and targets.every mistake teach us a good lesson and push us near our success and goal..learning makes success.opportunity +planning =successs
    So we should always be ready for any task becouse it makes our power…

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