Imagination means something that you think exists or is true, although in fact it is not real or true. Imagination makes impossible to possible.

There are so many boundation and we can say there are so many responsibilities which stop me to do what I really want to do in my real life. But our Imagination is limitless no one can stop our imagination. And I think Imagination makes a person ordinary to extraordinary or superior.

Let’s talk about how we can expand our imagination and our creativity. There are so many examples of limitless imagination like Harry Potter series, Pirates of Caribbean series. In this movies we can see limitless imagination or creativity of writers. Here are some ways to just do this.

1.Try new things –

We always try to learn new things. For that we try to start new hobbies. always try to watch some thing different and read something new which increase our creativity and imagination. To improve your life experiences try new things.

2. Meet new people

We always try to meet new peoples. In the same way, by opening ourselves to new people, we open our own minds to new understandings of the different cultures and life style. As we develop relationships with different people, we will find the quality of our imagination increased.

3. Decorate your home

Make changes in your home. Try to makes it’s look more beautiful. Decorate your home increase your imagination for make changes and think differently for any other topic.

I think imagination is present everywhere in the world or inside us. So keep it up limitless imagination and make your and whole world beautiful by your imagination.

“Limitations live only in our minds.

 But if we use our imaginations,

   our possibilities become limitless.”


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